You know I used to be a strong believer that INVESTMENT always came from the source or individual that took the time to listen or believe in your future, endeavor and/or project. So for a long time I always had the great idea of starting something but sat patiently (sometimes) awaiting on God to move on someone’s heart or come mightily in someone’s dream to give them the answer of investing in “ME” and then this individual would come to me and with this big check for $10,000 and say “God told me to INVEST in you because you had a dream and/or ambition and my life would be set………..WRONG!!! Sometimes I visit fantasy land way too often, so you have to forgive me for my wayward thinking.

Once I decided that I wanted to start a blog, the first thing I thought about was – A blog cost money, yes it’s free but if you want the added necessities to go with it to make it pop, you have to come off of a little cash (not much); so even though I felt like God was leading me to create a BLOG, the idea was great – but when I started seeing dollar signs; I immediately regressed to Oh my bills, I have this to pay and that to pay….I won’t be able to do this right now and that idea would have went locked into a closet with all of my other ideas, dreams and ambitions that I tucked away because of “I got bills to pay, I’m a single mom so I cannot afford it, I will get it done later. All of which is procrastination…

The Lord immediately spoke to my spirit and said “You are your first investment” If you don’t invest in yourself first what is that really saying about your business venture, goals, dreams and etc. I felt like someone literally hit me in the stomach – because it was true, I never invested in myself – I lazily always looked to others to do it for me all the while my dreams were being flushed down the toilet all because I did not believe in myself first. Well when I got that dose of reality, I paid what I needed to pay and here I am constructing my very first blog website. I have to say I feel so excited and accomplished – I literally felt like a door of fresh air had opened up and those once dormant  possibilities, have now become endless, this was my very first step to actually believing in myself and letting Roshonda know that she can do anything she puts her mind too.

You are your first investment, investing in yourself first is the first thing you should do when you are thinking about starting a business or even a blog, if you don’t believe in yourself first – don’t count on anyone else to believe in you either. You will hit bumps in the road as nothing is “perfect” or smooth sailing, but if God brought it too you, then he will see you through it.  You have countless people everyday whom believe in their visions and dreams so much so until a few have even quit their day jobs, now things as stated may not go as they had planned but it’s the fact that they took the first step in “BELIEVING” Remember your first investment is YOU! and we leave everything else to GOD….If you make one step, I’m a firm believer he will make TWO and more. It all starts with you…..