The Ingredient to SUCCESS….


When you think of the word SUCCESS, the first things that may come to mind are:

  • Money
  • Nice Car
  • Good Job
  • Successful in Business, endeavors..
  • Everything going the way you would potentially like.

We associate success as achievements in our life that we either should have accomplished by now or something that we mean to accomplish sometime in our life. But what if SUCCESS had to start with you being successful first, a lot of times we want things to happen when we want them to happen and if you’re like me you just may feel like if those things don’t happen by a certain age or stage in your life that maybe you are not deemed to be successful. Success can happen for everyone and it doesn’t matter what income bracket you are in, what job you may have, what car you may drive and so forth. But Success starts with you and what you make success out to be weather Good or Bad.

About 2 weeks ago I found myself complaining about my own life’s unsuccess and immediately began to get depressed because Success had not come my way in the way that I felt like it should have come, I began to think about my life and how it turned out, so many talents and potentials that have gone down the drain due to either failed relationships, pushing things to the back burner, kids, taking care of family and so many other things. Then God spoke to me and said “Things have not happened for you because I had not yet made my environment successful” WHAT?? Really?? God you are so funny, I began to think do you see EVERYTHING!! that I went through so far in life?? I was in denial because he was right, even though things came up and yes I stepped back 20 feet and another 50 feet and another 10 feet, loosing my way back to the front of the line I never achieved a successful environment.

So once I pondered about it this is what I believe God was saying:

Don’t expect SUCCESS to happen on your terms, SUCCESS happens when you become successful within your own situation, then the mountains will move and things will begin to work out on your behalf. Want another job? become successful on the one you’re at, come in on time – complete the necessary assignments, get your area prepared for your transition and by all means Change your attitude. Want a new house? Keep the house that you have clean, plant flowers, make up your bed every morning and so forth. We have to appreciate where we are first, if we want God to take us higher.

WOW! I realized that the first and most important ingredient to Success is becoming successful in your own area, I have to admit, I had not done that – just as the investment blog stated last week, I was always looking for success to find me because I deserved it…….But I didn’t really deserve it, again; I was being lazy and not pro-active in my own situation. So, if you want success; “YOU” have to make sure that your environment is first successful, then and only then will more success find you, while you are making your environment conducive to success just remember that you have to be consistent as well, because they work hand in hand with one another. At this time I am trying to clean up my area and make it more successful, I have no idea what may come afterwards but I am  going to work  really hard to change it around, no excuses, no back of the line I go – I’m moving forward and while it may not be easy, I won’t stop until  it’s accomplished.

So you want Success, Introduce your environment to success today; you won’t regret it.



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