Let the DECORATING Begin! – Decor Tips 101

Featured Image above: Photo by Martin Péchy from Pexels

You made IT!

  • You decided you were moving, check!
  • You cleaned up the OLD place and got your deposit back! (Yay!! – double check!)
  • Now it’s time to get Creative with your NEW space (Oh Yeah!!)

Of course these were clearly the steps I went through but hey, it’s really the process that all movers go through. Whether you’re renting or just bought your first OR second place. Finally getting in and settling down into your new digs can be exhilarating as well as extremely EXCITING!!!


Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Okay, so that’s how I feel every time I move. It’s almost like I don’t want ANYTHING that reminds me of my old dwellings – new space, new stuff – Right?? Well, that’s right if you have the money to do that sort of thing, I mean c’mon….none of us are Oprah nor Warren Buffet. However, someone may be close if that $750 million dollar Powerball hit this week (hmm, will it be you?).

But reality says, I don’t have it like that now and that’s okay. Tip: Save Your Coins – While you may be able to buy a couple of new pieces, you can still totally use the old pieces you had in the old place and place them differently in the new place. Which will make them look like they were new finds. It’s all about placement.

Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

Things that worked and looked good in my bedroom or pictures that went so well in a hallway, when you get to your new place, putting those same items in the same space as they were in the old space may throw off the new space completely! Because you have to consider how the walls look, how they’re shaped (you may had fuller, wider walls before and now you have much higher, swooped or curved walls, you see what I mean?

Tip: Slow and Steady – While the excitement of getting everything up and nicely placed may be on the top of your list (because it’s always on mine, as I hate living out of boxes for 3 to 4 months) it’s best to take your time, lay your decor out and do a complete tour of your new space to see what looks good where or can fill in a corner over there.

Which brings me to my next Tip: Really?, Every Inch? – Every inch of wall DOES NOT have to be covered, that’s if you’re obsessed with this as I am. Try buying bigger/larger pictures to fill the space, such as the picture below from my own bedroom. Yes, it’s a large picture but it covers up much of the wall and guess what, not only is it light but it only required one nail.

My Bedroom is Paris Themed – This picture is bigger than it looks but it completes the look I wanted without a bunch of nails or extra pictures.

Now, my next Tip: Nails vs. Thumbtacks/Pushpins – I say only use nails when it’s necessary and when you do, make sure they’re small. I prefer thumbtacks and I’ll tell you why. Thumbtacks not only make less than smaller holes in the wall but they can also serve as a guide until you make up your mind if that picture will really look good beside that sconce. You can actually put those items up using thumbtacks and if it doesn’t mesh well, you can always change it up without taking out that heavy hammer. That’s another thing that makes thumbtacks great….you can push in and easily pull out. Once you’ve settled on where you truly want things, then you can utilize nails, However….

Don’t underestimate the power of the push pin!

Push Pins can become your bestie when it’s time to hang those pictures.

Apartment living has advanced so much since the 90’s and although I was still in school at that time, the little decorator in me had BIG dreams of one day having a very “chic” living space and that much I have accomplished, no matter what space, Big or small that I’ve lived in. I always wanted to make it an oasis for me as well as a home away from home for anyone that visited. If you’re a avid HGTV, DIY network watching type of gal or guy like myself and If you’re still renting, like I am for the time being then you may want to have a talk with your landlord about what you are and are not allowed to do to your new digs, in which the most common thing people usually want to know if they can do and that is, PAINT!

Less than a few landlords will allow it as long as you agree to paint it back to the original color it was prior to move in. BUT, if you can’t then that’s fine! There are a slew of stick on’s and peel and stick wallpaper such as this one here:

It’s things like this Brick Peel and Stick – Easily Removable Wallpaper, sold on Amazon that can easily turn your apartment or rental space from a boring space into a great space with just a few adjustments. It goes on easy and comes off easy without making a scratch on the wall.

This would go well as an accent wall or even a kitchen back-splash. Remember, all walls are not created equal so be sure to do a test run of any “stick-on” first.

Whatever your decorating style may be for your new space – have fun with it. It’s your new home and it’s readily awaiting on you to help give it a fresh new look.

Happy Decorating – Whenever you choose to do it that is…No rush!

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