Will You Join Me for A Little Table Talk??


Sunday, September 30th!

I will be doing a Podcast with BGTT – Brown Girl Table Talk! I’ll talk about my first book “Billy Wolf & The Kids of Heavenly Hills Elementary”

Children’s books played a very inspirational role in my childhood, so come – join us and hear all about that as well as why a “children’s book” had to be the first book I completed!!

Join us Sunday @ 5 pm (EST)

The Link for BGTT (Brown Girl Table Talk) is here: Just click on it and it will take you to the podcast: https://www.facebook.com/BGTableTalk/

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 I want to give a special shout-out to the ones that have already purchased the book. The reviews have been breath-taking! I’ll share those next week! In the meantime:

It’s not too late to order your copy!

Order Here 

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7 thoughts on “Will You Join Me for A Little Table Talk??

    1. Aww, thank you! Looks like the “check-mate” may be a little far away…lol. Ever feel like you’re really doing something only to get out of your head and see that you’re still in the same spot…LOL (Does that make sense??)

      Guess my mind likes to play trick on me…lol.

      I appreciate your comment though – please pray for a girl. (wink) xoxo


      1. Lol oh all the time I know that feeling
        It make sense.
        This is a constant feeling.
        Mind is known to be a magic set
        and thoughts and memories are cards that disappear or rabbits that appear out of hats

        Always on Saturdsy I have a list of people I will be praying on silent unity and you will be one of them


      2. I love that little poetic theme you put to it….you’re such the poet! lol….but it’s true – the mind is definitely a magic set.


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