Video: Wednesday’s Word – MS. BIG MOUTH ALMIGH-TEE


BE ACCEPTABLE (Psalms 19:14)

That scripture just happens to be my favorite; as a matter of fact, the whole book of Psalms is my favorite book of the bible. Have you ever found yourself saying ‘just the wrong things at the wrong times???

Especially when it comes to sharing your business, goals, dreams and etc., I know personally this was a serious issue for me for quite some time. I used to wonder why things never really were working out for me or why is it when I would take two steps forward – I always ended up taking 5 steps back. I mean, what was I doing wrong?

Then it hit me one day – “Girl, YOU TALK ENTIRELY TOOOOO MUCH!!”


I mean I was talking to everyone about EVERYTHING! & Trust me, sometimes you need to shut the door on people and work behind the scenes. In this video, I’ll take you back to the 80’s with a little RUN DMC classic as I share 3 tips of the common mistakes I made in talking too much and how God desires you to keep things secret too.

This will be my last Wednesday Word video posted here on the Blog – However, If you would like to receive notifications on when I post the next Wednesday Word video or any videos thereafter, please be sure to visit my YTUBE channel and hit the subscribe button and turn on the bell notification so you’ll be the first to see every video once they become available.


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7 thoughts on “Video: Wednesday’s Word – MS. BIG MOUTH ALMIGH-TEE

  1. I commented but I don’t see it…Where’d my comment go?! Aw man.

    I was just saying that I enjoyed your video. Your transparency and authenticity were refreshing. You’re right on all accounts, not everything should be talked about. Not everyone can share in our joy.

    Loved the video….You looked good too. 👌


    1. Hey Sis, I got it! For some reason, WP won’t automatically post comments until I approve them to be posted – so I have to log in and go through all the formats. I left you a comment. Thanks so so much again. Looked Good??? Girl, my hair was a mess – I thought I looked horrible…lol. Thanks for the confidence! xoxo


  2. Look at you, girl!!!! You go Sis!!! You look good…Go ahead Ms. VideoBlogger….SuperVlogger.

    “Every best friend has a best friend”…True words, Lady. For real real. We all gotta be careful with that.

    Your transparency and authenticity are refreshing. I enjoyed your video. Excellent tips. Some things we just gotta keep to ourselves. 💕


    1. Aww! Thanks Sis for watching! I appreciate that. Yesssss – girl, I seriously learned the hard way and still gotta put a zip on stuff now…lol lol. Honeyyyyyy, Idk about that super vlogger…lol lol. Those videos are hard work, that’s why I only do once a month….LOL LOL. Editing, Lighting and so forth – music….girl, sometimes it’s team toooooo much….lol. Thanks so much for watching, I never know who watches them – but I thank you sooooo much for your comment that you did. It encourages me to keep pushing. xoxo


    1. Thank you, unsure what was going on – but it’s working now. Thanks for the heads up, although I’m two days late in responding – I appreciate you. xoxo


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