EnSpired: Meet Lyn Slater, The Accidental Icon-Fashion Blogger

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I promise, if you’re looking for a little inspiration in your career choice, dreams or maybe you’re just wondering – “I’m getting older, are my dreams still a possibility?” Well, let me introduce you to Lyn Slater, whom at 64yrs young has taken the “LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!” mantra by the horns and recreated herself by accident into a fashion icon!

Lynn Slater4
Lyn Slater – The Accidental Icon

This story was so jaw-dropping inspiring to me, I had to share it with you. Lyn is the perfect example of not just dreaming but living out that dream, day by day and has taken the fashion industry by storm with her very powerful, yet awe inspiring fashion choices. You might say that Lyn got bit by the fashion bug as a child – she always had a love relationship with fashion and sort of used it as a form of rebellion in which started at the private school she attended growing up. Lyn refused to be conformed to the plain “uniform” policy and made her uniform stand out by wearing religious artifacts (rosary beads) hanging from her belt and not just one, but 25 medals!!!

Fashion as a tool of rebellion, that’s sort of really my story. Lyn Slater 

With so much fashion saavy, why not share it with the world! and that’s exactly what she did when she started “Accidental Icon” a blog where she shares Weekend Fashion Bibliographies sporting her latest fashion creation, thoughts about life, culture change and of course – lessons on fashion.

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Get to know Lyn a little better, by watching her inspiring video below as she’s definitely one of the many women that makes me so proud to be one! ðŸ‘ ðŸ’„💕

You can follow Lynn’s Accidental Icon Fashion journey at all or any of the sites below: 

Blog:            Accidental Icon

Instagram: @iconaccidental

Facebook:   Accidental Icon 


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