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Question of Faith2

Have you ever questioned God?, I mean – I know that might be a silly question because to be honest; we all have questioned him at one point in time or the other. We question him when he sends us on a path that we’re unsure of, We question him when hard times hit us out of nowhere and We question him when our lives don’t seem to add up the the plans that we had for it – In times like that, we have so many questions and very little trust in a man that has a plan for everything – including tragedies.

In the movie “A Question of Faith” you’ll see three different families of whom’s life all come strategically together by crisis in which drives all their faith to the ultimate test. The movie in which stars, Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, Jaci Valasquez, T.C. Stallings, C. Thomas Howell, Gregory Alan Williams and Renee O’Connor was produced by Angela White, film producer, talent and business affairs executive and founder of Silver Lining Entertainment. To her accreditation, White is the producer of several films including “The Sin Seer” starring Isaiah Washington, Lisa Arrindell & Salli Richardson (in which is now in my Netflix list of movies to watch), “My Favorite Five” which stars Rochelle Aytes, Brian White & DeRay Davis (this movie was hilarious and on point; single ladies will love this one – I sure did), “The Last Letter” and “The Comedy Underground Series.” In producing “A Question of Faith”-  Angela White became the first African-American female to release a theatrical faith based film (Go Girl!!!)

Angela White

‘A Question of Faith’ transcends time, race, gender, class and religious ideology. This is a film that can open one’s heart and make a person reevaluate some of their own personal life decisions. We want people to walk away knowing the word of God is there to comfort you and that having faith in what you can not see is okay, as God has your  life covered, and the questions you may have are already answered.  

Angela White, Producer of “A Question of Faith” 


A Question of Faith, is a beautiful story of how God may not always answer our prayers in the way that we think  he should and while we may have many, many questions in regards to the direction of our lives; if we can truly put our trust in him, he has plan and will never, ever let us down. It’s a film that will make you rejoice, think about your own life and cry in the process, knowing that God is not only a healer but a restorer of FAITH! I wasn’t able to make the screenings of this movie when it first came out in September, but I’m so glad, as now it’s at the redbox and available for everyone to see and trust me, you’ll definitely want to rent this one for movie night this week. Spoiler Alert!!! – you’re going to need a BUNCH of tissues!!! I cried and cried and even had to do a couple of rewinds, it was just that powerful and uplifting.

The movie also raises awareness about texting and driving and organ donation in which I thought were good causes and glad that the affects of each, can be recognized and put on display. I know you’ll get something out of this movie – if you’ve ever had questions about God’s plan for your life, this movie will sure give you the Faith you need to still believe. You can follow Angela White on Instagram – as I know for sure, she has many, many more things up her sleeve for 2018!!

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

So, grab your family, popcorn and your tissues and rent “A Question of Faith”


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2 thoughts on “Review: My Monday Movie Favorite Is….

  1. thank you for sharing a movie that uplifts and strengthens faith; I will look forward to watching it!
    I used to have so many doubts and my experiences led me to believe God was not real, so God had to give me radical encounters so I could know God was not only real but trustworthy and powerful to change my life and others. God bless you!

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    1. Hi NewHeavenOnEarth! Yesssss, I absolutely love movies that bring upliftment and cause you to change in the process and that is what this movie does. I believe you will love it, as stated; please get your tissues….God is soooo good! that’s all I will say, would love to hear what you thought about it when you get a chance to view it. Yes, God is definitely real and so glad you’ve had many encounters to prove it. Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s appreciated!!


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