Gabrielle Union Talk of Multiple Miscarriages in Upcoming Book

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Gabrielle Union is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood today and while it may look as if she has everything she ever wanted, having a child is one of the dreams on her list of accomplishments that seems to not be coming true. In her new book entitled “We’re Going to Need More Wine” a compilation of stories in which the “Being Mary Jane” actress share words of wisdom, humor and true stories of power, color gender, feminism and fame – she also becomes very candid about her personal life including the multiple miscarriages she’s had while married to husband and NBA star Dwayne Wade.

According to the Miami Herald, Union stated that she literally lost count as to how many miscarriages she actually had and would have to pull her medical records to give an exact number but thought it was somewhere between 8 or 9 times. The couple have been through many IVF treatments, all of which never worked. Each attempt left Union with questions:

“Did it take? Is the embryo normal or abnormal? Will I stay pregnant? We were always in some stage, waiting for some news, some sign that we can move into the next stage. Union stated.

The actress also admits how she never wanted children in the beginning but those feelings changed once she started taking care of Wade’s nephew and three children from previous relationships. According to Union, when she became a stepmom – there was no other place in which she wanted to be than with the kids.

You can find this story and others in Gabrielle’s book in which will be released Tomorrow October 17th. But why wait, you can pre-order it here on Amazon.

Gabrielle Union
Book cover courtesy of Bing

Some of the communication to this story was also taken from the Today Show in which you can view here.


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