When God doesn’t come right away…

If you have not seen it already, the movie “RAY” was a Biography about the life of legendary singer Ray Charles, the movie depicted his life from childhood when he went blind to an adult. In the movie it also showed his triumphs as well as his demons…….I thought the movie was great and that Jamie Foxx did an Excellent job in portraying him, he went on to win an Oscar for his performance.

I loved the movie and out of all of the scenes that stood out, the scene below stood out the most to me – In this scene Ray had totally gone blind, his mom had been trying to teach him to do things on his own because the world that they lived in would not be so kind to a blind boy/man. In this scene he ran into the house, tripped and fell and immediately screamed out to his mother for HELP! In the midst of watching him, her body immediately jerked to go and pick him up, but she stood back; watching and waiting to see what he would do next.

You know just like that mother I believe God does us the exact same way, He loves us but he’s not the God that is going to constantly hold our hands through every trial, every test or every disappointment. There will come a time when he will stand back and see what it is that we will do, will we stay down in defeat or will we get up, dust ourselves off and listen quietly as the young man in the movie did, to the sounds around us, sometimes we can’t hear God in chaos or when we’re upset, but we hear him easily when we are quiet,  in this quietness that’s where he will guide us to our next step.

Just as a mother, who’s child is learning to walk for the very first time – her arms wants to constantly pick the child up every time he or she falls but in her heart she knows that, that will not help them but disable them and their chances of having a productive life would be slim. That’s how God does us, we start out as children, we make our mistakes, we fall, we get up and we fall again but in the fall a lesson is supposed to be learned which will make us stronger and more in tune to his spirit.

God does not expect us to stay children because in the spiritual realm we have phases – we start out on milk but as we grow in the word we graduate from milk to puree foods to get us ready for the tougher food ahead. God loves you and yes you may have fallen but when you cry out to him and he doesn’t answer right away, don’t think of it as God not listening to you or seeing you when you fall, he sees you and he’s listening – He just wants you to Grow Up strong so that you may put on a heavier armor to battle, so when you do face your oncoming trials – you can face them head on; because you will be strong enough to handle it.

And at the end, just like the mother did to her son; when you have mastered the test set before you, God will then come and wrap his arms around you and say – Good job Son, Good job Daughter you have passed the test.



2 thoughts on “When God doesn’t come right away…

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