Sunday’s Thought: There’s An Audience Waiting on YOU!

America's Got Talent - Season 12

You know I love watching America’s Got Talent. It’s a show that showcases amazing acts, ranging in ages as young as 5 and as old as 80. It’s truly a show for “EVERYONE” and “EVERY” talent. These incredible acts perform their talents in front of an audience of thousands and a television of millions, they do acts that either no one else in the world have done or can do, some of them at least.

While some get moved on, others get buzzed or voted out – but the amazing thing about it is that no matter what talent these individuals have which ranges from the grossest to the most awe-inspiring; they perform in front of an audience that loves and appreciates what they do and if not in that audience, someone in the world embraces it and just like those contestants on AGT, You also possess a gift – Don’t let anyone tell you that no one would be interested in it or that no one would love to see something like that because guess what! There’s an audience for it somewhere.

In 2015 when the Lord blessed me to start JustsumInspiration; I had some takers and some misses; some people liked it and some people didn’t and over the course of over almost 3 years of writing/blogging and inspiring; I’ve had some people to “unlike the blog and Facebook page altogether.” It makes you sad, somewhat downhearted because you begin to think, was it something I said, was it something or was it something I posted? And then the nerves set in, I literally flipped out and began to look at my stats and my friend list to see whom bailed out – in which literally drove me crazy and kept me up a many nights.

When I stopped trying to create my own success, I had to come to grips and tell myself “This audience (Mine) isn’t for everyone” and everyone will not respond to the material given, not because they hate it but because it’s simply not for them.

Real People:  Bored Crowd Audience Stadium Sporting Event Mixed

So, I say to you – no matter what gift and/or talent you have; don’t get discouraged when people don’t respond the way you think they should, it could be that, they entered the wrong auditorium; but don’t allow that to make you give up on your craft or drive you bonkers because they left your audience. Give God those keys and let him begin to draw people to you. I’ve learned that when I take my focus off of things, God has a way of blossoming my gift in ways that I could have never imagined or done on my own. I had to leave it to God and let Serendipity happen.

My tip to you is: Keep being amazing, keep doing you and keep pressing forward….Because there really is an audience for your talent somewhere and they are waiting in anticipation to see your act! – DON’T GIVE UP! because YOUR GIFT/TALENT, REALLY IS NEEDED! 


Blessings ~


Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

Let’s Live Well, Laugh Loud & Love Hard!

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