Bigger & Better – Must Appreciate Smaller


Bigger and Better2 (5)

What are you doing in your small space that is preparing your for your Bigger Place! Why ask God for more money, a bigger house or even a spouse when you’re not managing the money you’re getting now, cleaning the house you have now or taking care and loving yourself right now.

What we do now, really does determine the next steps in our success. Bigger does not mean, I’ll do better. Bigger means I’ll do less and make an even bigger Mess, if you’re not prepared!

Start the preparation today in your small area and stand back and watch how God takes that small and prepare you for your BIGGER!!!!


Only when you are able to handle eating the smaller portions first.


Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

Let’s Live Well, Laugh Loud & Love Hard!

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