It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Distraction!

According to google’s dictionary the word DISTRACTION means, a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else and/or extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. If you’re anything like me, then I imagine you’ve had your share of LIFE’S DISTRACTIONS! A distraction can come in the form of a job, a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, co-workers, family and etc.

Distractions are meant to push us off the road to our purpose and destiny, in which instead of moving us forward the smallest distraction can leave us stagnated (at a stand-still) or it can push us 10-50 feet backwards, it can be really hard to push ourselves UP again unless we really avoid distractions altogether. We live in a world where distractions are very common; as a matter of fact it’s so profound until we have actually grown immune to it. “It’s just a part of life,” we tell ourselves; not really giving attention to how disturbing a distraction can really be. A distraction is a silent killer that pops up unexpectedly in hopes to keep you from achieving the things you want and plan to do in your own life.

distration-puppyWhat’s your destiny? What’s your dream? What’s keeping you from following your heart? While most distractions are things, don’t forget that a distraction can also come in the form of WORDS! Has someone said anything to you lately that completely threw you off course? We have to be careful whom we share our dreams, hopes, ideas, goals and plans with. While people do mean well, they can also be the cause of a person not achieving their dreams, all because they didn’t get an opportunity to achieve theirs.

Distractions come in all forms, such as noise. You can never focus when you have too much noise around; you must get to a quiet place and make some time for yourself. If you don’t – then you’ll never be able to focus long enough to hear from God. Yes…God – he created you so therefore he knows the plans he has for you and the road in which he wants you to travel to get there, but you have to create a quiet place in order to hear directly from him. enemy-distractionsThe phone is a major distraction. I never seen so many people on phones in church services; this could not have happened in my church back in the day. I also have never seen so many cases of phones causing accidents all because of distractions. Social media (while good), sometimes we can spend too much time on it. The 3 hours spent on social media liking friends pages and posting selfies could actually be time in which you could be finishing the next best book or movie that will take this nation by storm (Do you feel me?) Lastly, that brings me to time which is known to be the worlds greatest distraction because we misuse it the most.

I don’t know what your distractions may be today but figure out a way to find peace in the middle of it. Pray if you must and ask God to reveal what it is that is keeping you from focusing like you should or what’s keeping you from moving forward. Some of us should be miles ahead of ourselves by this point but distractions have made a home in our life and kept us from moving into our destiny. If you’re not where you want to be in life, look around you because it just might be a distraction that’s holding you back.



FOCUS! Because your DESTINY is so much better than a distraction…


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