“Life is not about bracing for the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain”

Yesterday once I got off of work, it had begun to sprinkle a little. I was beginning to Thank God that I had gotten off early enough to beat the rain, but as I made it into town I realized that I needed to stop by the store to pick up a couple of items and by this time it had done begun to rain extremely hard, as I sat in the parking lot awaiting for the rain to ease up, I noticed other people either sitting in their cars, standing by the grocery store door and/or running out to their parked cars.

I began to ask the Lord to please slow the rain down so that I can get my umbrella out of the trunk and make it into the store, when I said that it seemed to rain even harder – needless to say the rain never let up, I finally braced myself, got out of the car, got the umbrella and rushed into the store. As I got into the store and began to walk around, I suddenly thought about how the rain plays a major part in our spiritual lives, for we like to wait on the storms of life to do what it needs to do before we deal with it, we’re idle and sit in one place until it passes. But what if the rain of life didn’t stop – do we sit and wait? A lot of times God does not allow the rain in our lives to stop when we ask for it too, this is his way of building our faith and our spiritual resume – The bible says “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience and experience, hope. Romans 5: 3-4

The adversary wanted me to get sad because God did not do as I asked, most people would have gotten discouraged and began to think that God is not listening to them, this tends to make people question their spiritual walk because in their minds they think they did something wrong and God is now punishing them for it (just because he didn’t honor and/or answer their request when they felt like he should)……this is not so as God does not punish us “just because” he wants too, our own choices causes us to get in the predicaments that we do get into and we then suffer the consequences of our own choices. God is a God of FREEWILL (He allows you to make up your own mind)…..Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers right away because he wants us to become strong and move off of the milk and onto the solids…just like a baby, if it never advances to solid foods and continue to drink milk until it’s 5yrs of age, that baby will be very weak; it will not have any nourishment or sustenance to keep it going and eventually it will die, if God said YES to everything we asked him for, it would make us weak and we would never know how to do things on our own and we would not know the true meaning of FAITH. (think about it)

So the storms of life are not the end, they are just the beginning of God taking you through a trial so that you may have patience, experience and hope in the midst of your situation. All of life’s experiences are to build us, so we can turn around and build others. The bible also says “We overcome by the words of our Testimony” so all of our “rain” is actually not just for us alone, but it’s for others who may be going through the same “rain” as you and are just about to give up…until you let them know that there is HOPE!

The next time it rains, instead of waiting for it to pass or asking God to allow it to stop for you, ask him to bless you to go through it, for only then will you completely understand how to DANCE in it…



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