You know as I was walking to my car on Thursday, I was recalling an incident that happened between me and a young lady at work, to make a very long story short – I transitioned on my job and there’s a young lady (a temp) that’s working my old job now, but I go back and forward on certain days to help out and/or catch up work that I worked on prior to my departure.

The young lady has a very sarcastic tone to her, upon walking into the office (where I used to sit) she asked me “Do you think you could find somewhere else to sit?” I mean, I’m glad you’re coming back and whatever but I need this seat because now I am starting to work, there’s a lovely seat next door where you could sit.” First of all I wanted to say, there’s a lovely seat next door for you to sit at; you been at this job for 2 seconds and already making demands? Really??? Not Today….but it was merely the way she said it and the way she was looking while saying it….”Greater is he that’s within me I said to myself” – Because I was about to have a showdown on her with my mouth in full swing…….but I said…

Sure,….No problem.

All types of things were coming to my mind about that situation and I wanted to say more than what I said…..but I got to thinking as I was walking, what if God took out his frustrations on us because of something we did to him, What if he said “Well since you won’t worship me, I’m not going to wake you up this morning” There would be sooo many of us dead right now, or if he said “What?” you don’t want to obey me, okay then I’m going to cause you to have an accident. What type of God would he be if he did that to us…

Because that is what we do to people, we seek revenge – Instead of letting God fight the battle (and that’s hard to do sometimes) we fight our own battles – When someone wrongs us or our family we seek to get them back and make them hurt the way they made us hurt, we hurt people because – we hate people because – we talk and down people because – they did it to us first.

But what if God was like that towards us – Just doing us wrong because we hurt him and we do hurt him every day when we don’t forgive, when we don’t love, when we don’t help, when we cast stones on people, when we don’t try to live right, when we murder (with our tongues and our hands); but yet and despite of – He still loves us even when we don’t love him like we should. His love is unconditional so there is nothing that you can do that will make him stop loving you, he loves you in spite of how you or we ultimately treat him.

That same love is what I had to have for that young lady – a long time ago there was this sign that read WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) at the time; that phrase was so popular, everyone had some type of paraphernalia that related to the words WWJD, but did they know what they were really wearing? It was supposed to be a “conscious” sign for all of us to take account of our actions and our words towards one another by thinking What Would Jesus Do in this situation or What Would Jesus Do, if someone hated him, lied on him, misused him, abused him, chastised him, called him out of his name, talked about him and etc.

So What Would JESUS really Do? Easy, a simple 4 letter word called – L.O.V.E

I wasn’t nasty to that young lady in which to some people, I would have had every right to be and then some, but the bible tells us to “Follow peace with all men, holiness without, in which no man shall see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14

So I had to follow peace with her and I was, when she finally came to me to ask a question, I didn’t snarl up my nose and get all huff and puff with her, I answered her question and smiled – later that day through an email she thanked me for coming over between both workplaces and I thanked her as well for being so knowledgeable of the systems and working because that was a big help in me not being overloaded with two jobs.

In the end; we have to be careful how we entertain people, we will either draw them or leave an impression on them that will forever be a memory in their mind about who we are in which is not that important when it comes down to whom you say you’re representing because, The next person to give their life to Christ, just may be watching how he acts through you!


If he wouldn’t do it to us, then why should we do it to others…


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