JustsumInspiration Guest Blogger series presents: The Power of Influence and The Importance of Your Circle. By Shanae Artis

If you don’t mind I’m going to be transparent for a few and chat with my sisters about the power of influence.

One morning, while getting a ride from my friend to work, as we were chatting I was scrolling through FB and I saw the word ZEN. So I said “Drik, what exactly does Zen mean?” She said meditating or something like that. I said “oh”… and I as I sat there and thought about Zen a thought jumped in my mind and it sounded like “As Christians we don’t believe in that”. Immediately I realized that that was an idea I had always thought because that’s what I was told. The very next thing that came to mind were a few other beliefs I had and how those too were things I believed because it’s what I was told. Instantly I started to get a little uneasy because several ideas and views that I had adopted played in my mind and they all had 1 thing in common… They were all views I had because of what I was told.

So I got to work and it was still heavy on my heart because now, I’ve realized that not only could I have been living a lie but I recognized that a lot of my ideas and views up until that moment had been created through the influences in my life and whether or not it was true it was true to them and had been true to me because I believed it and didn’t even attempt to challenge its validity. So I’m at work listening to my favorite worship music and I felt it in my spirit…. The power of influence and the importance of your circle. As I felt that, thoughts started to come and I made a decision right there that something had to change!!

I realized that my views about life, my life and other people all stemmed from the opinions and thoughts of others. I began to see how although I KNEW God had greater plans for me and that there was more to life for me I allowed myself to be stuck. I was stuck in someone else’s “box”. Handicapped from moving forward in my own truth because I was too stuck in theirs. See the truth is those that I surrounded myself with didn’t have the same dreams as me. They didn’t see what I saw, feel what I felt or even believe what I believed. I believed there was more for me…. They couldn’t see that for themselves.


See when I was ready to move forward in my dream those influences would say things like “Girl you know they say” and in my mind I’d wonder who was they?? And why did I care what they had to say? Because the truth is I only care about what HE says.  But those “They say Nay-Sayers” had a hold on me and what I believed.

That day in the car I had a revelation and it all began with the word Zen… Zen led me to see the power of influences, the need to release my mind from them and to the importance of my circle. As I sat there at my desk I wrote “surround yourself with people that influence you to be you. People that encourage you to think for yourself and foster your own opinions. People that challenge you and hold you accountable. Not the “They say  Nay-Sayers” Why does what they say matter?? Pray for discernment and revelation.”

So my sister.. I ask you.. Who have you allowed to influence you? Who are the “They say Nay-Sayers” in your life?? Surround yourself with people that influence you to be you. People that encourage you to think for yourself and foster your own opinions. People that challenge you and hold you accountable. Not the “They say  Nay-Sayers”  Honestly, why does what they say matter??

Pray for discernment and revelation.

Ask God to reveal any negative influences to you, and then ask for the strength to release your mind from “their box.” Your circle is important to the next level in your life and your destiny awaits you.






Shanae Artis: Makeup Artist Beauty, Educator and owner of SAM Image Consulting Co. is committed to influencing change in the lives of every woman she encounters. Through personal experience, Shanae recognizes there is a need for women to know the importance of having a positive self-image and presenting themselves in a way that promotes a successful lifestyle. Shanae has a genuine heart to motivate and educate. Through her gifts, creativity and down to earth personality Shanae is inspiring women to act on their desire for a better lifestyle starting with transforming how they see and present themselves.

SAM Image Consulting Co. is a lifestyle brand, promoting confidence and capability. Shanae believes as women, the way we carry ourselves speaks to how we feel about ourselves. Also, as women, we are all capable of putting forth our best effort. She understands when we look good, we feel good and we do great. SAM is teaching real women how to do their own makeup in simple, easy to follow and time efficient ways.

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