Sunday’s Thought: What Defines A Man…

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Original piece, written by Roshonda N. Blackmon

What Defines a Man?

Some say it’s the way he dresses

Others say, the way he wears his suits and some think – It’s gotta be the cologne.

Some may say, his smile while others are certain it’s his looks.

Most say, the way he walks – while others are for sure it’s the way he talks.

Some may think, it’s all in his ride – while some are sure “It’s locked in his PRIDE”

So, what really defines a man………………………

Is it the home or the city he resides in?

Some may agree, while others nod in disagreement.

Is it the amount of money he makes? Or the job he idolizes or hates?

While these things are all material, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and state what’s truly lyrical.

The thing that truly defines a man, is this…………………….

His Wisdom

His  Heart

His Compassion

His Sensitivity

His Humbleness

His Family

His Love for God

You see, a man is defined by his character and not just by muscle alone.

So, I ask again – what defines a man; do you know?

Whatever your answer may be, make sure it’s not caught up by his physical traits. You have to look at the heart of the man and there you will see; What Truly Defines A MAN!


Happy Father's Day


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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Thought: What Defines A Man…

  1. Interesting and it seems like you are a poet yourself lol
    A good question
    “What defines a man?”
    Somebody that takes responsibility of his actions and don’t hide behind other people to avoid trouble and responsibility and somebody that respect women and lead women into safety.


    1. No, my friend – you’re the true poet. I just penned some things a long time ago and thought I’d display it – I have a couple of other things too that I may “surprise” and post…lol. I love your definition and I would say that, that’s also true – Love the part of “him taking responsibility of his actions and not hide behind others to avoid trouble” now that’s very humbling. P.S. I pulled your topic this week “My thoughts about online dating” – so that will be up on tomorrow at 1pm. Hope you’re having a good day ❤


      1. I had to think for a minute as defining a man. Another lovely topic.
        I can’t wait to read your topic.
        Your blog is really good. I’m enjoying it and I hope it opens many doors for you in the future


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