Summer Is Officially HERE & July’s Topics Are Filled with GOOD VIBRATIONS!

Can you believe 6 months of the year is already outta here? Where has the year and the time gone. Well, July is here and with it comes the Summer; filled with hot weather, fun, friends and vacations. Since July is the official month of summer (at least for me it is) the topics this month are going to be filled with tips on how to get your summer fun on in our July Summer Series that’s sure to fill you with good vibrations.

Summer is the time in which everyone either heads to the beach, out of town or stay close to home and just relax. Whatever you decide to do this summer, we’re going to give you a few tips on places to visit or travel to and if you don’t have the money like that (in which I totally feel ya) we’re going to give you tips on low budget things you can do with your kids, family or yourself.

So let’s get this summer started, as these topics contain a little something for everyone!

Summer Fun




Not Everyone has the money to go to Disney World, Paris or some other exotic destination during the summer and money is very tight. Just because you’re not able to take a vacation or do something fun with the kids due to budgetary matters doesn’t mean that you have to spend your summer indoors and if you do, why not make it a fun experience. In this post I’ll be sharing a couple of tips you can do inside or outside the house this summer that will cost little to no money at all. So before you get the blues or throw out the piggy bank, just hold on ideas are on the way.

summer vacay destinations


If you don’t like the indoors and just have to break out this summer and go somewhere; then you’ll want to stay tuned to this post. In it, I’ll share the best destinations to travel to within the United States. Some may be right around the corner from you or a little ways away…..So, grab the kids or your friends and get ready to go on a ROAD TRIP!!!!



If you’re having trouble trying to figure out what it is you want to do this summer or maybe have a desire to be spontaneous and do something a little different. In this post I’ll share a summer fun check list that will be sure to make your summer not only do-able but memorable.

Summer reading


Read any Good Books Lately? Well the summer is a great time to catch up on your favorite author or to just pick up a book and read something juicy, fanciful, mysterious or helpful. So, kiss the electronics good-bye for a moment and get entangled in a great novel. In this post I’ll share some a couple of good summer reads for adults as well as children. I’ll even share what I’m reading at the moment.

So, while you’re waiting on July’s Summer Series – you can relax to the sounds of the Beach Boys and get those Good Vibrations stirring up. See ya in the Post!!


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