C’Mon, You Just Gotta ASK!

Thursday afternoon, after work I went into the local market Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of items and as I always do – thinking I’m just going to go in for one thing and run out…(Intermission Break #ThatNeverHappens 😞😣, Okay…so back to the story) I began to see everything under the sun that I needed and/or wanted.

As my arms were filling up with items, I realized that I should have gotten a basket, so here I was running from aisle to aisle looking for an abandoned basket to place my items in but there was no basket in sight. Suddenly as I approached a self-check out line, I noticed a big basket (empty) just sitting there. I wanted to grab it but then I noticed there was a man there whom was just completing his transaction, he was about to go. I immediately backed away to continue my search to find a basket. It suddenly hit me, Why are you searching for a basket; when you seen one, all you had to do was ask? I was like, Yes…why didn’t I ask him, why did I just walk away?

I said all of that to say, in life we don’t monopolize on situations that are right in front of us. We procrastinate, take our time, beat around the bush and talk ourselves out of our blessings. Then we wonder why, things happen for other people and seem to pass us by. It’s not that things pass us by….it’s just that those other people know how to ASK & THEY RECOGNIZE OPPORTUNITY! I went back, hand full of groceries and asked the man “Are you done with this basket? He said yes, you can take it. As I said Thank you to him, he in turn said “No, Thank You, you helped me out.”

So, I have to ask you a question. “What is Today your Day to Do” Is it your day to say Yes! Is it your day to Take a Leap of Faith in moving towards your dream? Because when you don’t use the time or take advantage of the resources that’s in your path in that moment, you’re not only hurting yourself, but you very well could be hurting someone else in the process.

Today is That Day! So Make It Happen 😉😉

You Got This!

Roshonda N. Blackmon

Creator of Justsuminspiration, Author, Speaker, Motivator & Encourager



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