He remembered, he really really remembered!


About 3 years ago I was working a job in Social Services, on this job I was pretty much the jack of all trades, I knew how to do almost everything from receptionist, to time-sheets, to financial reports, to processing bills – Oh and yeah, computer re-bootee and printer fixer; If it was broken or down I was the number one person people called on to come and get it or fix it. During that time we had this pre-historic printer called “The Dinosaur” the department had, had this printer for what seemed like centuries; this printer was so old and out of date until they didn’t even sell the parts to it anymore and it gave everyone the blues because all of the second wing which consisted of 5 or more people used this printer, you could actually print something – wait 30 min to go get it only to find it probably just coming out of the printer, Yes; it was that slow.

The department ended up getting rid of the printer after quite some time and got another printer that was satisfying to everyone’s needs; when I left that job and went elsewhere to work – the first thing I noticed when I got into my new office was that same pre-historic printer that was at my other job, Oh Brother; I thought – thinking “The Dinosaur” had somewhat found me again after all those years. I surely will ask for a new one once I get settled I thought…


But a new printer never came, “The department don’t have the funds”“We can get someone to fix it”“It’s really not a bad printer”“All you have to do is cut it off and on again”We really don’t have the funds again this year. That was all I heard for the two years I had been in that position, I finally gave up on asking again and just dealt with the cards that were given to me. When I moved up into another office, the printer there was okay and didn’t give me as much trouble as the printer I had left given me, so I made myself content and was pleased that I had something that worked much better. About two weeks ago, a young lady in the office put in an order for a new printer toner, the purchaser that keyed in the order mistakenly purchased a printer instead of the toner (how that came to be, I couldn’t tell ya). When the printer came in, I told the purchaser that the young lady wanted toner, not a printer! – “Well, it’s more trouble to return it, they told me – couldn’t someone in your department use it?…..Well, we do need another printer for the reception area; I thought and if the boss approves; I guess I could take this one and give up the one I have, needless to say the boss did approve and therefore I now have a brand new printer – with all the bells and whistles, just like I wanted 3 years ago.

I said all of that to say, even though I couldn’t get the printer I so desired for my other job – no matter how much it was requested, God didn’t forget me and sent a printer my way; A printer that I wasn’t expecting or even looking to receive; and just when I had forgotten all about it, My God didn’t. This story may be about a printer, but what things have you requested over and over again and/or desired in your life and still have not received it as of yet, It could be something as small as a printer or as big as a major financial need, husband, wife, a child, a home, a new car, to be recovered from an addiction or to overcome a terminal illness or sickness and so much more. Your heart’s desire may not have come when you felt like it should have come but take comfort in knowing that God has not forgotten about you and that your desire is still in his view. A lot of times we get discouraged when things don’t happen on our timeline and begin to question God about his; Trust that God knows just the right moment, time and place when things need to happen in your life; God is God, he knows what he is doing, when you can’t trace his hand trust his heart and his plan.

The Apostle Paul says in Philippians 4:11(remember4NKJV) – Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. Only when we are truly content, will God surprise you with the biggest gift – Your Hearts Desire, All because he remembers; he really does remember.


Declare this today:

Father In the name of Jesus, your word says that you’ll never leave me nor forsake me; Father I know you haven’t forgotten about me nor my need – Today, I take comfort and pleasure in knowing that you will fulfill it at the right time and during the right moment in my life. I trust you and no matter how long it takes, let me remember that you have my best interest at heart. I love you; In Jesus name I pray. Amen



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