But What About Me?


About 16yrs ago, a boyfriend in which I thought we were going to be together forever ended up proposing to someone else in our church (right in front of me), I have to tell you that balloon popped very loud in my face, A year of telling me that “the Lord” told him that I was his wife and how we would never part, ended up actually being someone else “whom I guess” the Lord also told him was his wife as well. Go Figure, the Lord is very shady if that’s how he works and maybe I need to reconsider my walk with him, so glad I know the “REAL” Jesus….Okay??

About a month of playing like we never had anything strong and tip toeing around people in church whom wanted to ask so many questions of why, what and how – a church meeting one night brought me and his now wife face to face; should I say something really mean and crazy to her to make her hurt as much as their then “secretive, behind closed doors” relationship hurt me? – But I was always the one whom wanted to be the bigger and better person, no matter what. She looked at me that night and said “I seen you in a vision, you were getting married – you had a white wedding dress on” – your time is coming soon! Seriously, I Thought – All these months and that’s the best you can come up with??

I looked at her and said Okay, Thanks…Needless to say, her vision was somewhat accurate as I did get married but it ended up being at the justice of peace, however as far as the “white dress” was concerned, there wasn’t one instead it was khaki’s and a denim top; to this day I still have yet to see a white flowing gown. While the marriage was something that I had always wanted and longed for, it was not meant for me as I rushed it and didn’t take the time to seek nor consider the Lord about it, I just jumped in – but the marriage that she ended up in (with my ex-boyfriend in tow) was actually meant for her because she was ready for it and only God truly knows what we actually need at a certain period of time in our lives and besides that’s what God had prepared for her, I said all of that to say sometimes things in life happen quicker for other people than they do for you; does this mean that it’s not meant for you? No – it just means it’s not your time yet; We have to be prepared mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically for certain things to take place in our lives.

Have you ever had some  what about me moments?

About a year ago we had someone close to us write a book, got it published and did a book signing – as of today that book is still selling out. Well, I know someone whom has written two books with another one on the way – but can’t seem to find a publisher; but yet it happened for the other person so quickly….

About two weeks ago, I was asked to join a Facebook page; this group started about 2 weeks ago and already have almost 75,000 members – I’ve seen others whom have a FB page pretty much garnered to promote the same thing which is empowerment, encouragement and upliftment; their pages have been up since the beginning of last year and haven’t even reached 100 people yet and here we at the beginning of a new year…how does that happen?

Some people I know have had a blog page since earlier last year and just two people shy of 100 followers and here it is someone else has a blog that started around the same time and have over 1000 people. Makes you wonder, what am I doing wrong??

There are others whom have waited patiently for a wife and/or a husband – but yet; the right person still has not come along, while their friends and family members and random people they don’t know seem to be getting married every day, they are still playing the waiting patiently game, which turns into resentment and depression, what’s wrong with me one might ask..

hasn't happened yet..

There are many instances that happen in life that makes you think “But what about Me?

I came to the conclusion that “life happens” for people in different ways, in most cases it seems like someone is getting ahead of you when you were actually there first; most people tend to give up and/or throw in the towel because sometimes things aren’t happening on the timeline that they feel as though it should have happened. Don’t fret and don’t count yourself out of the race….

Kind of reminds me of the movie “The pursuit of Happyness” when Will Smith completed his test before anyone else in the class, once he got on the elevator, one of the other guys from the room joined him; the guy proceeded to ask what answer he put on the test for a particular question, when Will Smith’s character told him what the answer was, the guy hurried out of the elevator in an attempt to change it; quick answers didn’t yield a good result for him….

A lot of times in life the reason why things have not happened for us yet, is because we still have a couple of things to work out in our own life, we hurry through things expecting to get quick results and microwave answers only to find ourselves in the shuffle of playing the waiting game again and again, all because (if we tell the truth about it) we don’t want to take the time to put in the effort to make it really work for us, so when we see others succeeding in something that we feel like we should have already completed, we get upset – frustrated – even depressed to the point where we want to throw in the towel and give up. The true answers to most of our common issues are this:

  • A lot of us aren’t ready for marriage – because we still have things on the inside of us that have to be worked out first and until you get to the root of that situation to figure out what it is – you’ll forever be single.

  • That book isn’t coming together like we want because sometimes you have to invest in yourself first before others will attempt to do it, “You are your first Investment” – (this was my first blog post back in March 2015).

  • Just because a person has more people on their site than you have, does not mean the message is different, sometimes people like to go where there are crowds and crowds of people – because it makes them feel a part of something if everyone in the world is involved; but if they really look at the message – it’s all the same, some people just have different ways of doing it. Find your niche’ and make it work for you, leave the drawing to God – he’s much better at it than your or I ever will be.

So don’t get discouraged because you haven’t walked down the aisle yet, or maybe you have a business and it doesn’t seem to be doing as well as someone else that has the same business as you – Maybe you have an idea for something and don’t know how to get it off the ground, while someone else’s ideas seem to be shooting for the stars right now.

Everything happens in its own season and at its own timing – sometimes we just have to WAIT, but while you’re waiting for that 15min to shine – think about things you could be doing in the meantime to “spruce” up your own situation, dream and ambitions which take work – because nothing is going to be dropped in your hand or given to you; maybe some things but for the most part you’re going to have to put them into action.

If you elevate God in the process and become Faithful to what he has called you to do, whatever it may be (this includes waiting – sometimes God could have us in a waiting pattern – if you don’t do it sucpray, trust, waitcessfully, then you have to repeat the process) then and only then will you see overflow; things out of nowhere will start to take shape and that dream will start to take form. So this year instead of you saying “But what about Me?” Find yourself saying “Why not me! & get to work on creating the best you that you possibly can create because It generally starts with you; You just have to trust that everything else will follow….



5 thoughts on “But What About Me?

  1. WELL…when I was antsy about the marriage thing, the Lord first told me to leave it in His hands…then focus on something more necessary for that moment. that was 28 years ago. Had to totally put my future in His hands…not mine! Good lesson…I’m still being reminded of!

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