The Parable of the Apron

If you were asked upon entering the Sanctuary to take a Bib or an Apron which one would you choose? Either selection would determine our faith and our willingness to follow Jesus. Consider the Following:


The Bib


Many people come to church expecting to wear a bib. They want to be served. They want others to feed them, help them, nurture them; and they grow very comfortable wearing a bib. The bib is always there, and you rarely see bib people jumping in to help with a project, volunteering to serve in a soup kitchen, or sticking around after an event to help clean up. Bib people rarely give time, talent or money to anything other than themselves; and they prefer to sit in a chair and be served by others. Bib people, however, are often difficult to spot, as they prefer to sit in a corner by themselves and wait for someone to serve them. Bib people expect a lot from the church, but they don’t want to be the church. Bib people prefer to remain as they are; they despise or don’t like the thought of growing.


The Apron


Other people come to church expecting to wear aprons. They want to serve and help others and they are only comfortable wearing an apron because they know they are going to get dirty, Ministry does, after all compel us to get our hands dirty; and they know they can feel grimy when they begin helping people whose lives are messy or imperfect. Apron people don’t expect to sit in the corner and be fed; they expect to do the feeding. Apron people don’t expect to be served; they expect to serve. Apron people are sometimes easy to spot; they are the ones who are out front leading, helping and persevering. Apron people don’t’ want to remain as they are; they want to get dirty so they can wash their aprons and serve again, Apron people like the idea of growing deeper into a more Christ like life.


A Bib or an Apron – Which are you?


I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. John 13:16 (NIV)


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