Your Dream, Your Vision & Quietness


So you had a dream and/or vision and in the midst of trying to consult God for the interpretation of what you dreamed or visualized, you get antsy and want to tell someone about it, I mean after all God in all his awesomeness doesn’t exactly answer us when we call on him for situations like this, I mean he comes through……..eventually, but remember his ways are not our ways, neither are his thoughts our thoughts, So while we have him on “PAUSE” you want to talk to someone ELSE in the meantime!

While talking to someone may seem logical in a sense, its not always practical. Remember Joseph, when he told his dreams to his brothers, they plotted to kill him (mainly because they felt he was daddy’s favorite and being the only one to receive a coat of many colors by dad, didn’t help the case out any) because he had dreams describing him as being a ruler over them, they plotted to kill Joseph and in what they felt was a success, God had another plan for not only Joseph’s life but his brothers as well.

Telling your dream or vision to someone whom does not have a relationship with God, are negative, overly jealous and only think of themselves is very detrimental…….instead of praying for you and telling you to seek God, what you will get is an answer or an attitude that does not exactly go along with the happy feeling you were expecting to hear or see. Sometimes when you discuss your future, dreams, life, endeavors and so forth with others; their negative demeanor, attitude and approach can cause you to feel like your dream and vision is hopeless. The bible says “Study to be quiet and do your own business” I Thess 4:11. So when God does give us a dream/vision, as hard as it may seem or be – WAIT ON HIM! to give you the interpretation of what it means, with God you never have to worry about mixed feelings and a jealous heart.

I experienced this problem so many times with going to everyone I thought I knew just to tell me what my dreams meant, what they thought a vision was saying and trying to mix what they were saying with what I was feeling and waiting on God to be the Judge in the midst of it all. In the end what it left me was totally confused by all the voices that I was allowing to come into that particular space, as I was torn with what they thought, what I felt and what God would really say……I didn’t study to be quiet because I wanted a right now answer, not a later one.

When you have a dream/vision talk to God about it, no he may not come when you want with the answer but he will reveal it to you in his own time and in his own way. In the end Joseph’s brothers should have thanked God a many days that they did not initially kill their brother, because of his dream; God put him in a wonderful position to save not only his family (including his brothers) but a land from famine for seven years.

Sometimes its not best to tell people everything, but keep some things to yourself and I’m not saying you can’t talk to anyone, but just always acknowledge God first in everything that you do; especially when it comes to your dreams and visions that God just may use to not only shape your life but the lives around you as well…

telling dreams

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