You are Light

You are not the sins, mistakes and troubles of your past…

You were born for a purpose, Trust me God is the only person in history that can say “HE NEVER MAKES MISTAKES” so that means that you were created on purpose, you are hear for a reason, This song is so powerful and I dedicate it to you; If you’ve ever felt inadequate or felt unsure of who you are but most importantly “whose” you are then let the words of this song slip into your spirit and began to heal yourself by repeating “I AM LIGHT” because you truly are. God has great things in store for you……because you are his little light, shining bright for all the world to see. You see sometimes we can’t see our own light because it has become so dim by “Negativity” and “Dark Places” but I want you to uncover your past, so your future can breathe. You have a light and it needs to SHINE!

Be Blessed!


2 thoughts on “You are Light

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