Who are you?

little girl1

When I was a little girl, I never thought of myself to be anything but worthless – in my opinion, I didn’t see myself as the beautiful girl that I should have seen myself as, you see from birth I was deemed to be nothing in life, I was supposed to be just like my mama whom would probably not finish school (in which she did), get pregnant at a young age and of course with no potential, I would end up just like mama did, raising a child alone without a father and I wouldn’t have one kid, but I was expected from jump street to have several kids – all with different daddy’s, different shades and different last names.

I would be on the system collecting welfare and food stamps and maybe working in a fast food chain with no hopes of reaching my potential or getting out of the system. As a child I always had self-esteem issues because I was always viewed as the quiet one, “you gotta watch them, they’re sneaky and up to no good but mischief” I was made fun of because I was dark and didn’t look like the other girls in school, my hair wasn’t long but instead it was quite nappy in which kept falling out so my mama had to cut it all off as if this didn’t add injury to insult. My step dad would always make comments about my speech because he felt “I talked too white and proper” and wanted my mom to make me to stop talking like that….I was mentally, emotionally and physically abused.

I was weak and everyone around me knew it, especially the little boys who taunted me, picked on me and even had their way with me in ways that are unspeakable. I said all that to say I never saw the real me in the mirror, I just focused on the little girl standing in front of the mirror, afraid of her own shadow and accepting of any and every negative word imaginable. Today, I say to the little girl or little boy in you…….LOOK AGAIN at the mirror in front of you, yes you have been hurt, yes you have been abused, yes you have been discriminated against, yes you have been raped, yes you have been sexually assaulted, yes you have been bullied, yes you have been misguided, yes you have been so down until you didn’t or don’t see a way UP! But I say to that little girl and little boy, LOOK UP AGAIN and choose to see someone different, yes you were hurt beyond compare but YOU have the ability to turn that HURT into HOPE.

You see? as long as you have breath in your body, that’s another opportunity from God to make your life exactly what he created it to be which is BEAUTIFUL! You have the power to change your circumstances, you also have the power to change your mind and your heart. We have the power to make our lives Beautiful or to simply just Exist. Which are you doing? Make Life Happen, Work and Play according to your own DRUM!! It’s nothing wrong with being different, we all are and that’s what makes us UNIQUE!

Remember Life is given to us ONCE! make the most out of it, don’t let someone’s negativity regarding your life keep you from viewing the mirror. We all fall, but with God’s help – we can get up again and start over. So I say to you Little Girl, Little Boy, LOOK ONCE MORE in the mirror and tell me WHO do you see……



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