Let’s talk about it…


03/15/15 – 03/20/15


Recently when I arrived to my children’s school to pick them up after a long day at work I really didn’t want to deal with anymore issues or situations; I wanted to go home and try to relax, well that was short lived when I got to the school and was informed by the teacher that my then 6yr old son was caught stealing? I was calm, but outraged on the inside because I was thinking to myself…what am I teaching at home? And why would he embarrass me like this! The teacher began to talk about the many tears he shed and how really scared he was because they took him out of the classroom and walked him to the front office, she stated that I almost called the cops on him but because of his sorrowful demeanor she decided not to but keep him there and talked with him…I’m not the regular parent because I told her she should have called the cops; I don’t care how old he is, if he did the crime (as small as it might have been to someone else) he could do the time. I told her next time (in which when I got through with him it wasn’t going to be one) call the cops!! That’s what happens when you steal. As frustrated as I was when I got home I began to think about our own lives; the things that we do now does play an important part of who we will become later in life if we don’t fix the problem or the issue head on.

I told my son that night he that he didn’t want that type of label on him – the label of a thief. Because now he has been deemed as the thief in the class; anytime something comes up missing, lost or misplaced – the first person they are going to look at and accuse is him because he made that label for himself. A label if it’s not dealt with will lead you to a future of being something that God never created or intended for you to be. Killing a small bird at the age of 7 and thinking it’s funny or getting a good feeling from it – in the future if not dealt with can lead to a murderous spirit and the next thing you know that same 7yr old 10yrs later has killed 20 people for no apparent reason at all. We have to get a hold of our children and began to pray over them daily – the enemy is on a rampage especially with our young sons, trying to make them be something that God never created or meant for them to become or be, The labels that are on us now are just what they are “LABELS” the great thing about it is that you have the power in God to change history, to change your destiny and your purpose.

Began to be the God created creature that he made you to be and live the life that he created for you. I pray my son learned a valuable lesson once I got through with our talk and pray he really learned a lesson from the punishment that he received due to his negligent actions that day (the bible says spare the rod; spoil the child) we have to get back to business; God put these children in our care and he will hold us responsible for their actions. We have many labels some we haven’t even dealt with and others we hide because we don’t want to deal with them. But God is calling for us to be strong women and men of God – put the Labels away and allow God to work in your life; After all you are whom he says you are and that’s “BLESSED,  HIGHLY FAVORED & FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE” and those are LABELS that everyone should wear proudly.


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