How Comfortable are You?


How comfortable are you with your body?, if you’re anything like me – you probably desire to lose a couple of pounds and could probably easily name several things that you may not be too comfortable with concerning your body, your image or yourself.

I am uncomfortable with my weight; it seems like after having two kids – my weight just went south, I mean when I had my daughter; my body seemed to have found it’s way back to itself, I could still where the same size 8 shoe and I could even get back into some of my pre-baby clothes, I had a c-section with her so even my stomach seemed to had been going back into it’s original shape, life was grand —————————UNTIL SECOND BABY!

Once my son came along it seemed like every body part that was going in the right direction, immediately went south, everything became bigger and wider – including my nose and that size 8 shoe was now fitting between a 9 and 9.5 – Where did the good times go and let’s not even get on my muffin top of a stomach, totally another story.

With all that being said, I have attempted the weight loss on and off cycle for years with some successes and some loses under my belt. I quickly learned that I was going about the whole way I perceived my body totally different – Instead of embracing the now new found curves, I found myself hating them and ultimately hating myself for allowing “me” to get to that point. When I first started out trying to lose the unwanted weight, I would always put up pictures of women that I wanted to look like, I had a picture of Britney Spears abs, Nicole Murphy s legs, Jennifer Biel’s arms and let’s face it Jennifer Lopez’s you know……If I could only look like that, I thought – I would have the PERFECT BODY!

Because of those picture images now planted in my head, I found myself struggling with exercising and literally killed myself with the eating habits just to get to what I felt was comfortable for me, I was soooooo wrong, What I got was a burnt out body and a self-conscious image; I finally had to have a  come to Jesus meeting with myself and realize that I would never be those ladies, my body type is not their body type and vice versa. I had to approach my weight differently….

  1.  First I had to embrace who I was
  2.  Second, I had to embrace my “own” curves
  3.  Third, I had to do some research on what I needed to do to lose the weight, make proper food choices and do   exercises that would be right for my body, schedule and lifestyle.

Hanging up pictures of celebrities is great, because everyone needs motivation. But where I failed at was ….. totally being “ACCEPTING” of my own body. I had to change my mind about how I looked at their pictures and focus on my picture. I no longer had a desire to be just like them and let’s face it, those celebs can gain 50 pounds today and lose it within two weeks – due to them  having personal trainers, personal chefs, a nanny and more money to do whatever they want to do…..Don’t kill yourself trying to be “like” them; instead embrace who you are, accept your own challenges and push to be at the healthy weight that your body will allow you to be at.

I promise once you start on that cycle, You will be where you want to be in no time; remember you are doing this for you – You are your own person and your own guide for your life. Take the trail in getting to know who you are and once you have mastered that, everything else including your body weight and image – WILL FALL IN LINE..

Body Shapes Sketch for blog

Remember everybody’s body is different, You have to find which is yours and ROCK IT! Your own way..


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