Blue Glasses = Confidence!

blue glasses

I wear blue glasses, I chose them because they were different and I have comfortably embraced the word “different” there was a time where I wouldn’t have thought twice about picking up something like this, due to the fact that it’s different and I was always afraid of what people would think of me if I went outside of the box..

For the better part of my life, I have always compromised my confidence to be whom I thought “people” were looking for or whom I thought “others” wanted me to be, I was never able to be myself due to the fact that I was not trying to be “ME” no one was holding me hostage because I didn’t want to be myself – Instead I was holding myself hostage and keeping “ME” in bondage.

When I picked out the frames, the sales lady came over and I asked her which one’s did she like – she asked me to put both of them on (because I had a green pair as well). When I placed each on my face, she looked at me and said “I would go with the green ones” and while the green one’s were okay….my confidence was calling for the blue ones – so when it was time to put in my lenses order, I put the blue one’s on the counter. She said “Oh, I see you chose the blue ones” I told her Yes, I liked them because they not only stood out but I thought they were different and I wanted something unique; she said “Well, I thought they looked nice on you, but I was just trying to keep you on the safe side”

The safe side was okay, but I played that record so many times in my life that I had the tune memorized. I told her that I wanted the blue because they were different and that’s the look I was going for. Once the glasses came back, I wore them right away – I didn’t care what people said or didn’t say, I knew that what I had chosen was my own style and look – but I have had many compliments on them – some stating  that they wouldn’t dare go that far but that they looked good on me.

The journey of confidence has nothing to do with any one else, the journey of confidence has everything to do with YOU! You are the only person that gets to decide what you need to change and what you want to stay the same. It’s your journey, so why not color it with your own rainbow of colors and who cares if you go outside the lines – this is your life, your walk, your way – Your Confidence Journey!



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