Who’s Intimidating You!

In viewing the video below, it brought back so many memories of myself going through the cycle of allowing people to dictate to me, how pretty I should be, how long my hair should be, how my body should be shaped, what size shoe I should be wearing including how light my skin should appear.

I went through life thinking I was so IMPERFECT until I didn’t really become satisfied with myself until I hit 30years old. Can you imagine going through life that long and not being comfortable with yourself? I was allowing others to intimidate me on what they felt I should look like, to what I should wear, to how my body should be shaped – ” You should be tall” so I went to God asking to be tall, even though I never wanted to be tall, but that’s what people wanted. “You should be short” so I went to God asking to be shorter. “You should be this and You should be that” was all I heard, I became so busy with being controlled by everyone else’s opinion – I never took my own into consideration….at that time it wasn’t a discussion I wanted to have.

I went through life trying to bleach my skin, taking countless diet pills to lose weight, putting extensions in my hair so that it would be long enough, dying it constantly so that it would be the right color and there were many other “countless” things that I did, just to appease someone else or to please people in general.

In life we’re always trying to compare ourselves with someone else and while that is just life in general as everyone has or have always compared themselves to another, but if that comparison is causing you to do things to yourself that in the long-run will bring on pain, insecurities and even depression……then that’s when the comparison to someone else becomes tragic…..

God made us all different and unique for a purpose – But each day countless women, girls, young men and older find themselves eventually under a knife to scrape away the person  that they do not want or desire to be – So did God make a mistake?

I understand if a medical reason may have cause an individual to change a couple of things, but when you have women spending thousands of dollars to get two bags filled with I don’t know what implanted into their breast and buttocks – that’s unnatural and later on if not done correctly, it will end up causing them more money to get it fixed or take it out. Anytime something foreign is put into a natural body……a lot of times you can expect a defect.

There are many things I wish I could change about myself – smaller boobs, bigger butt, a slender nose, liposuction to the stomach and a gap between the thighs – WOW would I be perfect…….So I thought; but those things as good as they sound would not make me happy as that’s what I wanted to do for PEOPLE! But now, I’m constantly learning to be happy with everything about me including that ever expanding mid-section…..lol

Make sure the changes with yourself are the Changes that you want to make FOR YOU! and don’t be intimidated by others whom desire you to make a change for them. When God created us, he created the BEST! person in the world and he loves you………….ALL…….of you FLAWS and ALL! his love is unconditional……Now, you must learn to love yourself and give yourself enough love to not “Change” whom the creator sculpted you to be……Which is AWESOME inside and out!


We’ve all been here before, watch, be enlightened and make the decision to “Not Change”




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