What seeds have you planted?


Be careful of the seeds that you plant, One day they will sprout up again!

The Seeds we plant weather they are good or bad; they do and will come up again, because of this we have to be careful about the seeds that we plant – this is concerning the seeds of our lips, hands and money. Movie Mogul Tyler Perry told a story a while back, he stated that when he was homeless this young lady fed him, she gave him what she had and more – she stated that she just wanted to help him out, Well 20yrs later Tyler Perry got to thinking about her and wanted to Thank her for what she had done for him so many years ago, He found her and found out that she was in the midst of going through foreclosure, God stepped in, in the nick of time for her as he was able to save her house.

That seed that she planted 20yrs ago came back to Bless her in a mighty way. Bishop Paul Morton on the other hand gave a testimony about Tyler Perry being a kid outside of his church begging for money every Sunday morning – the members grew weary and tired of his begging spirit and began to complain, Bishop Morton continued to sow a seed into the young man’s life. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans some years ago; that same young man he continued to Bless wrote him a 2 million dollar check to rebuild his church. He planted a seed and that seed came back and blessed him when he needed it the most.

Seeds don’t always come back as monetary, they can come back as anything – for you get back what you put in.


What seeds have you planted lately?



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