Listening to the right “GOSSIP”


Gossip can go both ways, there’s good Gossip and Bad Gossip, Good Gossip uplifts, loves and embraces. Bad Gossip tears down, hates and discourages.

If someone is saying something nice and uplifting about someone, That’s Good Gossip – But if someone is saying something mean or not nice about someone that’s Bad Gossip. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 6:19 says that the Lord hates a false witness that speak lies and he that soweth discord among brethren (that’s a person that runs and spreads rumors or craziness with others) By partaking in Gossip, next thing you know your name will find itself tangled up into a web of deceit, maliciousness, lies and even more gossip – Your name will run its course to places that you did not intend for it to end up.

We have to be careful as to what conversations we hold with each other, Our Job is to Uplift not to Hurt, as followers of Jesus we are called to use our words to glorify God and uplift others. When you find yourself  in a gossipy conversation just follow these simple steps  First – See if it’s Gossip or a healthy conversation. Second – Speak out when you know the conversation turns negative. Third- If the first two steps don’t work; walk away.

You have the choice to decide what type of day and conversation you will choose to have, It’s up to you – Choose to use your Speech and Ears wisely.


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