Inside vs. Outside

There’s this new show on Lifetime called “Atlanta Plastic” the show documents individuals whom want to change things about their looks, bodies and so forth. In looking at the show; the people that go on there to get help to remove excess skin, bigger this or smaller that are actually nice looking men and women whom all have one thing in common “an issue with their bodies” – now while some people may really need surgery to remove excess skin from either having a gastric bypass surgery or maybe something life threatening that keeps them from performing their regular daily duties, this is okay as it’s needed.

But there are others up there whom have become the victim of “low self-esteem”, “low confidence” and/or are trying to look better for their mates because they feel that the mate may soon get eyes for someone else, so they find themselves at the mercy of the doctors to help “cure” them so they can feel and/or look better. The bible says that we are Fearfully and Wonderfully made; Marvelous are my works…Psalms 139. While we all may feel like we could use a little more of this and a lot less of this – make sure that your confidence level is in check before you find yourself in front of a plastic surgeon, while they may be able to construct your outside and make you look better; knowing what God thinks of you and building on that foundation first is the most important. Some of those people, once they are complete by the doctor – I still see a distance in their eyes that lets me know; they are going to need more than an outward fix.

A KNIFE can’t fix what’s broken on the inside; but if you trust God – he can mend EVERY broken piece on the inside, that will show a different you on the outside.


Atlanta Plastic – The Show..