Loving Yourself….


My eyes may not be as beautiful as others…..but they’re mine and I love them..

My face may not be as slender as most…..but it’s mine and I love it…

My body may not be shaped like most women……but it’s mine and I love it….

My thighs and hips may not be as bodacious as some…….but they’re mine and I embrace them..

My feet are wide and my toes aren’t the prettiest…….but they are apart of me so I will celebrate the shape of my feet and paint my toes Ruby Red…

My smile may not be as perfect as yours……but I continue to smile anyway because that’s my source of dealing with what I am not..

My hair is not down to my back, it’s rather quite short…..but it’s my glory and I will rock a style how I see fit….

You see, I’m not perfect and never will be……But I EMBRACE ALL of me, including the FLAWS! because that’s what makes me Unique.

Why fit in when YOU were born to STAND OUT! Take a stand on who you really are, embrace every curve – love every inch. It was given to you……so WORK IT!

Standing-Out-in-a-Crowd1Fitting in is boring, Stand UP! and Stand OUT!


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