A Right now WORD

Mouth all mighty
03/15/15 – 03/20/15




That scripture just happens to be my favorite; as a matter of fact the whole book of Psalms is my favorite book of the bible. Let the words of my mouth; sometimes we find ourselves saying ‘just the wrong things at the wrong times” or sometimes the words that are coming out of our mouth can be very cold, mean, angry, unforgivable and just down right wrong. I have been in a place in my life where I have said the wrong thing and I really meant it when I said it, but when my spirit and my heart caught up to my words – I really didn’t mean it and I became sorrowful, apologetic and very sad because of my “hurtful words”. Our words hurt, the tongue can be used to build someone up or break someone down and this only takes a second to do but a lifetime it seems like to correct. God wants us to be mindful of the words that are coming out of our mouth.

If your words are not going to be used to build up, encourage or push someone further its best just to keep your “mouth” closed.  The meditation of my heart; this means the things that are in my heart the contemplations of what I want to do or say to someone, this has to be right also because believe it or not your mouth and your heart are breeding grounds for disaster if you take them there. My mom used to tell us don’t let your mouth get you where your behind can’t take you out of, so our words and actions can make us or break us. Choose kind words; put the right meditations in your heart: Choose to speak wisely and not foolishly & choose to use your mouth for the right purpose – so you & I can be acceptable in his sight.


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