A Confident lady, makes a Beautiful inner Woman..

Ladies when we think of the word “Beauty” the first thing we think of is how pretty we are or are not in the eyes of people or ourselves. The Bible says that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but for some reason we ladies bypass that factor and still look at ourselves as not being beautiful. How SAD! Ladies we are only as beautiful as we make ourselves; all of us are beautiful in our own way, no matter what shape, size, dark, light skinned, freckles or scars  we may have; we are all beautiful. When we are not satisfied with being the beautiful creatures we are, we are telling God that he made a mistake with creating us; the bible says that everything God made is good and very good.

Clothed with strength

So you may not like the nose that God gave you but embrace it, big or small boned we are all beautiful in Gods sight so embrace your curves; A confident woman loves herself; embraces life and uses what she has to make herself beautiful, you might not have the prettiest nose but guess what you have a beautiful smile; you might not have the legs you want; but guess what you have nice shoulders. Don’t let the enemy trip you up in focusing on what you don’t  have but focus on your good points and make those things work for you. You might say well I don’t like anything about me; well you have a wonderful personality and that girlfriend goes a long way…that makes you beautiful weather you feel like you are or not. Find out what works for you and begin to Thank God for  the beautifully wonderful specimen that he ever created “YOU”



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