T.A.T: Thank A Teacher – I Appreciate You, Mrs. Anita Bell!

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As the kiddos are getting anxious, nervous and prepared to go back to school; my mind went back to the days in which I felt all of those emotions going back. Now that I think about it, I was really scared. It was like each new grade was even scarier than the last one. I didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew was that I wanted it to rush by so I could graduate and be DONE with it.

As I write this, I realize that that was a sad way to feel and because I felt that way; I really didn’t enjoy school like most kids do today and what I mean by that is – I didn’t take out time to really get to know me and what I liked, I never went to any of the dances. It’s not like I didn’t want too but who would I mingle with and plus (I wasn’t invited)…..NOPE, this girl was the tree hugger – well, not actually because that would make me look a little weird (but in my Brick a.k.a Atticus Shaffer from ‘The Middle’s’ voice, I say silently….“HUG TREESSSSSS”) you’d have to be an avid watcher of the show to get that one but I mean, to me back then I might as well had hugged trees as they seemed to be my only friend (tears..)

tree hugger

Any who’s – enough of my socially awkward “school life” in which had a beginning, a middle and an END! However, there were a couple of teachers and a special counselor who made going to school for me feel like a totally popular girl. So in Lieu of the “Back to School” season, I thought I’d give a couple of shout-outs to those heroes for making this girl feel like an SHE-RO!

Okay, so elementary school was a LONGGGGGGGGGGG maybe B.C. (Before Christ) time for me (just kidding) but it was some moons ago – I just know that I had some really nice ones. Can’t think of their names at the moment but they were cool —– Fast forward to High School….


And yes, I know I skipped Middle School but if I can be honest – it was such a blur, I really don’t remember it. Ever had some days or even some years that felt like that? All I know is I passed and that’s that. So enter 9th grade and I decided I wanted to take DRAMA! I had been told I was quiet all my life and this girl wanted to burst open, so I thought the drama class would help me do that and I was soooooo…. RIGHT!

school-9th-grade-21I loved IT!! Now, 9th grade I spent most of the year working my way out of my shyness and people looking at me but I had the best 9th-grade drama teacher (Mr. Nolan). He was so dramatic as he made every acting scene he did awe-dropping amazing. I always wondered why he never tried out for any movies. But onward to 10th grade and I was determined to get cast into a play and I did, thanks to Mr. McDowell who always pushed me to bring out my very best in class and on stage. He cast me as the lead in our end of the year drama showcase of “Annie”, I played Ms. Hannigan! That class also was the catalyst in me writing my very first mid-term short story in which I wrote and acted out in class – I got an A+!!

I guess you can say the drama bug bit me because I continued there in 11th as well as 12th grade and was in several plays, even got picked to go to a state drama tournament in which I placed 4th place overall; not enough to win – but I’ll always remember that theatre-masks-decorative-decal-3318experience. While in some plays I had speaking parts; others I played an extra but it was cool being a part of something so much bigger than you I honestly felt like I could truly be ME without being judged or criticized, I wasn’t the weird kid anymore because I was around classmates and other people who liked the same things. I grew up in a family where me liking musicals and plays and jazz music was “not normal” being around those drama geeks made me feel like I was accepted; like I had another family, one that understood me. My mom always supported me no matter what I did; she loved me just the same, even though I was a little different…lol.

However, back on track so I can stay in tune with my title – Mrs. Anita Bell was my high school counselor. I remember going into her office and not having a clue about what I wanted to do in life. She was offering me so many classes but none of them sounded good, finally, she said “How about computers, I think you’ll do good there” What??? Computers??? As if I wasn’t a geek already, she was now pouring cement all over me!! Uhhhhh, No! I told her, please give me something else.

That’s when she looked at me and said, “Roshonda, the world is going to be changing and in the future, you’re going to have to know how to use computers and type, even at the McDonald’s – soon, everything is going to be run by computers” BAH-HUMBUG! Really Mrs. Bell? I told her okay as she stated that I needed to get a certain amount of credits that semester. Before I left out of her office she said these words to me “Give the class a try, If you don’t like it – You can come back and I’ll change it to something else” – Needless to say, she never saw me again….

I loved the computer class – I had fiddled around with computers before but this class taught me how to actually type, create things and so forth. I loved it so much; I continued to take it throughout high school. Mrs. Bell was right, as I grew older the world had indeed changed – you can’t go anywhere now without using a computer or doing some sort of typing…..It’s how people correspond now and if you don’t know how to do it, you’re at a total loss. Because of Mrs. Bell’s push, I have had several high paying jobs all related to me typing and using a computer in which has been life changing with having a blog and being able to do write-ups, business letters, resumes, flyers, newsletters, programs, brochures, business cards and etc. for others – in which is a business that I’ll be venturing into the beginning of next year entitled:


Typing has also helped me to write my first book – In which will be coming your way in September 2018 (fingers crossed) – Here’s a sneak peak of the new cover:

7 (2)

That computer class has opened up soooo many doors for me and for that I’m so thankful to God and Mrs. Anita Bell for putting the bug on me. I’ll always be grateful to her because saying YES to that one elective/class has been a game changer in my career.


If you have a teacher, counselor or someone whom has been instrumental in your life and has changed it for the better – reach out and thank them today if you can.


Questions for You!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you have any School stories? Was there a teacher or counselor that made a difference in your life? (Share below)


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5 thoughts on “T.A.T: Thank A Teacher – I Appreciate You, Mrs. Anita Bell!

  1. Kudos to you, Roshonda, for making the conscious decision to break out of your shell and join the drama club. This was an enjoyable read. Yaay for Ms. Anita Hill too.

    You had me thinking about all the wonderful teachers I have had in my life. My most awe-inspiring teacher was my tutor (she wasn’t even my regular teacher but my tutor), I went to her for extra lessons (outside of my regular school) while I was in the 5th and my 2 years in the 6th grade (yes, I repeated the 6th grade – I think I ought to blog about that one day); but I digress. Her name was Mrs. Longmore and Ioved her. She inspired confidence and grace in me. She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. She motivated me academically. I am sure I am a lawyer today because of her.

    I wish I could go visit her to thank her for inspiring a very insecure 12 year old. Unfortunately, she died a few years ago without me letting her know how grateful I was for the 3 years spent under her tutelage.

    Great read, Roshonda, thank you for dredging up some good memories for me.


    1. Yesss, Girl – The drama club gave me much LIFE! I’ll forever be grateful for the arts, in which I truly believe schools today should have more of, especially for the once shy kids like me. The arts have a way of empowering our youth as well as us adults by bringing out our true identities, that we might didn’t know was there.

      Oh Wow about your teacher/tutor she sounded like an amazing lady, so glad that God placed her in your life for the time she was there, in which I belive was only to help you recognize the great woman you are that pushed you into your destiny today. I honor her today with you and while I’m sorry you didn’t get an opportunity to tell her in person, I pray she got a diamond in her crown of glory for her good works here on earth. You know the only thing we can do is to use what we were taught whether by teachers, tutors or counselors, parents and so forth to pass on what we learned to someone else – that’s how we keep that person’s memory/legacy alive. Pass it On!

      And you lady, a lawyer? My Gosh – You GOOOOOOOOO GIRL!!! Love It!!! That just goes to show that even though you digress from being held back in 6th grade – Girl, you didn’t allow that to stop you from becoming who you are today. I really do think you should write a post about that because many kids get held back and may think that they can’t get far or will be behind because of it, you’re “living” proof that those odds are NOT SO! I’m so proud of you, it’s not what happened – it’s what you did after it happened, that makes the difference.

      I know this is a very LONG reply, but I pray you have a great day and thanks so much for reading and commenting – it made my day! xoxo


      1. Oh Roshonda!!! Girl, I enjoyed reading your long reply. So much so I read it twice. Thank you so much for the compliments and recommendations. Yes, Sis, I’m paying it forward! Thank you, Lady!


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